Babry Oren holding the Eurasia Center Lifetime Achievement Award as his wife looks on.

The Award is the first to be given to the CEO and President of BAO Health Resources in US.

By Alseny Ben Bangoura

Babry Oren, a 74-year-old Georgian born scientist, recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed by the Eurasia Center of America, an organization based in Washington, DC.

Mr. Oren -who is the president of BAO Health Resources established in Tarzana, State of California, is being recognized for the safety and effectiveness of Folium Immuno and Folium RelaX products designed to improve health.

The event took place on May 31st at The Ven at Embassy Row with nearly 200 guests attending.

Dr. Gerry Jenco, President and CEO of The Eurasia Center of America.

In a statement, Dr. Gerry Jenco, President of the Eurasia Center, lauded Mr. Oren’s scientific breakthrouth.

«We strongly believe that all the remedies created and developed by Mr. Babry Oren will serve the humanity very well for generations to come.»

Dr. Jenco added that the Eurasia Center of America «is proud to be the first US entity to recognize and present this AWARD to the Founder and President of the BAO Health Resources Corporation, the Manufacturer and Distributor of the Folium Products Line Mr. Babry Oren.»

The Award, which is given periodically, is meant to honor «individuals for their extraordinary efforts to enhance invention’s positive impact on society,» according to Dr. Jenco. Babry Oren’s invention has already received well deserved recognition from Great Britain.

A soft-spoken personality Babry accepted the honor with humility before a house full of diplomats, academics, artists, journalists and students.

«I am honored and grateful for this Award as a recognition of the safety and effectiveness of Folium Immuno and Folium RelaX. With this, I am deeply touched!», he stated with emotion.

The septuagenarian Babry was born and raised in the former USSR, in Georgia. In 1973, he immigrated from the USSR and came to the USA in 1979. In a brief interview with Journalist Ben Bangoura, he reiterated his full commitment to boost the life sciences for further development of new products that can provide additional benefits for various health challenges.

AlloAfricaNews: Babry how do you describe your products and why are they differents?

Babry Oren, President BAO Health Resources: These products are based on previously invented, modified, and marketed Folium pX, which is also an award-winning product. It contains totally natural ingredients that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Folium pX was recognized and awarded the West Coast Prestige Award as the Company of the Year 2021/2022 in Great Britain.

Like Folium pX, which helps remove toxic heavy metals, radiation, and free radicals, both Immuno and RelaX also serve as detoxifying products. In addition to that, Immuno helps with inflammation, infection, and residuals of viruses and vaccinations, while RelaX helps with insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

All of our products are designed to address the cause, not just the symptoms. They do not heal, treat, or prevent any diseases, and they have not been approved by the FDA as they are made from all-natural ingredients. Instead, they help the body to heal and help itself. All three products have proven to be very effective in dealing with oxidative stress and have been published as peer-reviewed articles in the Biomedical Series of the «Matsne» Journal of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia.

When did you start this extraordinary work?

As Folium pX was initially invented and developed for the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident victims, it has been on the market since then. Immuno and RelaX, on the other hand, are relatively new products, but they have already been introduced in all six continents and dozens of countries. Thousands of people have consumed them, and we have countless video, audio, and written testimonials from satisfied customers.

What do people who have experienced your products say about your work?  

We have a solid amount of scientific, clinical, and anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of our products. In fact, those interested may inquire about the proof.

Babry Oren with Francisco Obadiah Campbell, Ambassador of Nicaragua to the United States.

Personally, what led you to this research?

Personal health problems, challenges, and experiences led me to this point. As the saying goes, «Necessity is the mother of invention!». AlloAfricaNews