Traditional queens from Ivory Coast à la fête annuelle de la Francophonie 2019. AlloAfricaNews

French speakers and non-French speakers alike from several countries gathered in celebration of the French language and the culture of French-speaking nations. Organized by The Smithsonian Associates, the event took place at French Embassy where people got together on Friday, March 29, 2019, part of International Francophonie Day celebration on March 20.
Attendees got the chance to sample a variety of dishes from several countries including Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Morocco and many more. In addition to perusing a rich exhibition of visual arts, they also enjoyed a live concert by local musicians. Guinean born singer Natu Camara performed at the event, bringing down the house. By Ben Bangoura

Attendees à la fête annuelle de la Francophonie 2019 at French Embassy in Washington.